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..:: ★ Theater Potion 1 + ml Natural Perfume Oil samples...Scent List Below. Please let me know your choices in 'note to seller' when checking out...

Conjured to Capture the Spirit of the Theater where Dreams and Reality merge and Scent Silhouettes remain.
Wild Crafted | Organic | Natural Perfume Oil made from Pure Plant Essences in Organic Sunflower Oil.

Available in ★Petite Potions (5 ml/ glass) and ★Proper Potions (8 ml/ glass) , ★Cream Perfume (4 ml/ glass) and ★Samples (1 ml/ glass) >> >> ☛ Calculated to last **All Day Long** 25% Perfume Oil Concentrate; a little goes a long way.

Boxed & Ribboned along with Theatre Card description of Scent Symphony.

25% Botanical Essences in Sunflower Oil or plant waxes. 85%+ Organic Ingredients.
Synthetics (and all other things devoid of a Soul) *Free*. I use only the highest quality (almost nearly organic) botanicals; ethically sourced and Vegan in a base of organic Sunflower Oil. ::: No fragrance oils or cheap fillers are ever used.:::

***Please contact me if you have any Allergy concerns as there is much more to the Botanical Ballet than what is listed <3


:::AUDITION::: Sweet Dreamy Anticipation with notes of dark Chocolate, coffee, Tobacco, Antique Patchouli, Clary Sage and Cedar.
{:Delicious, Shadowy & Mysterious:}

:::BETWIXT::: A sensual Suspension of Sandalwood, Violet, Magnolia, Ginger and Amber. {:Otherworldly, Bright & Luscious:}

:::CORRIDOR::: Charismatic & Captivating with notes of Amber, Oakmoss, Jasmine, Tobacco, Cedar and Blood Orange.
{:Garden Squares, Oil Lanterns & Back Stage Bouquets:}

:::CRINOLINE::: A melodious Excursion of budding Green with flowering wafts of Sweet Basil, Juniper Berry, Clary Sage and Rose of Sharon.
{:Morning in the misted Conservatory:}

:::OVATION::: an Enticing Eruption of Rose, Amber, Palo Santo and Cardamom
{:Velvet Seats, Wood Polish & Tossed Roses:}

:::PAGEANTRY::: Bewitching & Beguiling with Melodies of Rose, Clove, Myrrh, and Sandalwood. {:Powdery & Sugary mingling with Night Incense:}

:::SCENERY::: A Painted perfume of Pretty Escapes... of Pine Forests, Queen Anne's Lace, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense and Myrrh. {:Fresh, Bright & Clean:}

:::TEMPEST::: A Unisex Perfume that revives Ruins, Royalty and Riches in a Tempest of Nagarmotha, Copaiba, Labdanum and Vetiver.
{:Leather, Ancient Oils & Incense:}

:::UPSTAGE::: Spicy & Sensual with notes of Cinnamon, Bergamot, Neroli, Lime, Lavender, Tonka and Vanilla Bourbon. {:Hot, Hypnotic & Haughty:}

:::VELVET::: an Operatic Tragedy with reveries of Siam Wood, Oud, Cistus, Moss, Rose & Palmarosa.
{: a Voluptuous wood Scent, sprinkled with Roses:}

I created Theater Potion as a way to pay homage to my past years as a Ballerina in the US & Europe. A way to encapsulate the Imprints of the Theater that texturally resonate in the Imagination, like no other place for me. Botanicals have the Magical ability to unlock these Realms that lay buried in lakey, hidden sediments of the Spirit.

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