UPSTAGE:: Cinnamon, Bergamot, Neroli, Lime, Lavender, Tonka & Vanilla Bourbon

It is like nothing I have ever owned and is of excellent quality. It makes me think of a old haunted carnival with all of the delicious carnival treats, some old fashioned candy, the old polished wood, even a bit of magical dust. I will definitely be back to try more. Very transportive, which is something I long for in perfume ~Lisa


Natural Perfume Samples

These are absolutely beautiful and unique perfumes. I've never smelt anything like them before. They really do remind me of the theatre; they have that complex, dusty darkness. I love them all and will eventually get them all in full size. ~Megan


VELVET:: reveries of Siam Wood, Oud, Cistus, Moss, Rose & Palmarosa

With Velvet, Celena rivals the world's best parfumeurs of yesteryear. An explosion of disconcerting Orientals excite the senses yet surprisingly yield to the exquisite aroma of the desert rose, the gentle velvet at the center of this bewitching fragrance. Never overpowering, the sultry dry-down lingers...Vamp it up in your own 1920s Arabian Nights fantasy! ~Eva

"I created Theater Potion as a way to pay homage to my past years as a Ballerina in the US & Europe"

"Pure Plant Essences"